Please like and subscribe!

Have you ever thought about the fact that everyday millions of people in dozens of languages say their equivalent of these four words: “Please like and subscribe!”? Sharing content online is a multibillion-dollar industry. Even people with little to no business experience can find themselves creating a lucrative brand. What lessons can you learn for your business? Let’s look at three:

Engagement and Interaction

Many creators don’t just ask for feedback, but they ask questions to get their viewer’s opinion on different topics. And if you look at their comment sections, often you can see comments that have been replied to or “hearted” by the creator. The lesson? Reach out to your customers for feedback. Show that you are interested in their thoughts in general. The more you interact with your customers, even in small ways the more invested they will be in your business. 

Cross Promotion

Creators have a variety of ways they promote their channel. They collaborate with others, link to more content when the video ends, or they’ll mention a subject then say, “I have a video on that”. As a business owner, always be on the lookout for opportunities to promote your brand. Also make sure that your customers know what you offer.

Call to Action

Why does every video ask for a “like” and subscription? It might seem annoying, but the simple fact is it works. Surprisingly, there are many viewers who like the content but aren’t aware of how much their support means. In a similar way, let your clients know how much their support means to you and some of the ways they can help, such as a referral or review.

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