Your Sales Team is the force that propels your business.

How can you make sure they’re on the best course to profit?

Here are three simple tips to get you underway:

1. Dress for success

“First impressions are everything” as they say. Dress and grooming are definitely tied to the impressions we make. Design a dress code that balances professionalism with comfort. Remember, if your sales rep feels uncomfortable, the customer will pick up on that. Talk it over with your team to find out what works best.

2. Know your team

Everyone on your sales team has their own skills and strengths. When you take the time to get to know them, you’ll have a better idea of how to leverage and maximize their abilities. Knowing your team means knowing how to motivate them and what clients they’ll be most effective with.

3. Set realistic goals

Goals are great. They give a greater sense of purpose and direction to your team and can address areas that need improvement. However, goals that are impossible to reach or are unrealistic can have the opposite effect. Failing to accomplish goals is discouraging. It’s true that even good goals aren’t always met. But, if your team regularly fails to meet their goals, the practicality of your ambitions is something to consider.

Smooth Sale-ing