Show Me The Data!

And I'll Show You The Money!

Small businesses spend thousands each year on analyzing data, large companies spend millions, and overall, data is a multibillion-dollar industry. Why are data and statistics so valuable? Why are they vital to running a successful business? How can you get them inexpensively?

Understanding customer’s wants and needs, how to reach them, and where the market is heading are just a few of the things possible thanks to data. If you want to take advantage of this knowledge, there is some information you need first. Whether your business is big or small, you need to have accurate numbers. With up-to-date statistics, and several Profit and Loss statements to compare, you can measure the health of your company and see what paths you can take. Knowing how much you’re spending and on what, will also allow you to invest or improve efficiency in certain areas.

A cost-effective way to gather data is to just ask for it. Asking clients for feedback not only shows you care but can help you see if you need to make improvements to retain customers. Survey your employees as well. If they can see their voice is being heard, they will be more invested in their work. Your employees could also have ideas or see problems you might have missed.

Finally, no company wants to waste money. Marketing is expensive, and less than useless if it’s not reaching new clients. When you get a new customer, ask them how they heard about you. Ask people what they think about your company’s ads. Then drop what doesn’t work and double down on what does.

Statistics show that having a business coach to guide and inspire you, can improve your company’s success. Get the information you need today to advance your business. check out one of courses or click to schedule a free consultation.